Conference Background: 大会背景

The 2nd China International Smart Agriculture 2018 which will be held on Feb 1,2018 at Crowne Plaza Shanghai.( 400 Pan Yu Road, Shanghai 200052, P.R.China)

About theconference 关于本次大会

With the fast development of IOT, big data,could computing, mobile internet and modern information communicationtechnology, Chinese agriculture ushered in a unprecedented developmentopportunity, at NPC and CPPCC, Premier Lifirst proposed Internet +Action Plan ; previously, issued the file Agriculture Technology Development The 12th Five-Year Plan ”》about continued to accelerate agriculturalscience and technology innovation and about several opinions to Enhance theadequate supply of agricultural products , lay a good foundation for the smartagriculture with by the background of the fast development of internet, China,as a big agriculture country, and married with new technology and internet,then become the strong agriculture country, is unstoppable, conference at timewill invite the leading agriculture scientist, analyst, scholar and expertsfrom IOT, ICT and smart equipment industry to discuss the development prospectof smart agriculture in China.

Conference Highlight会议亮点

ØAdvancedof ICT and Innovations on Smart Agriculture 先进的信息技术和智慧农业的创新

ØSmart Agriculture When & How 智慧农业是怎样的,什么时候才会来临?.

ØTechnology Fusion of Precision Agriculture andPost-Harvest Operations

ØBigdata and cloud computing application in agriculture 大数据和云计算在农业的应用.

ØViIlageInformatization and information service 农村信息化和信息服务.

ØIOTSolutions in Smart Agriculture 物联网技术在智慧农业的应用.

ØFunctionalAnalysis of Green House绿色大棚的功能性分析.

ØAgricultureand Forest Machinery in Smart Agriculture 农林机械设备,智慧农业的驱动力.

ØE-Commercein Smart Agriculture (Alibabas Village Taobao Plan)阿里巴巴的农村淘宝计划.

ØAgricultureproducts quality control and trace the source 农产品的质量管控和溯源.

ØInformationizationleading agricultural modernization &smart  agriculture application and practice  信息化引领农业现代化智慧农业应用及实践

ØE-CommercePlatform Development Model Analysis 电子商务平台的发展模式分析.

ØInternet of things and Informatizationpromote agricultural production

ØLeading CropManagement Systems to grow more with less

ØVarious IoT Solutions for agriculture (fishing, stocking farming,e-commerceand monitoring)

Ø Precision agriculture in Greenhouses: Results of aChina-Israel pilot project

Ø  How smart agriculturalmachinery drives smart farming农机设备如何驱动智慧农业

ØPrecision Agriculture Aviation 精准农业航空

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